Developers At Pixel Film Studios Release FCPX LUT Horror Volume 2 For Final Cut Pro X

March 30, 2018 by Huynh Skriver

FCPX LUT Horror Volume 2 from Pixel Film Studios allows editors to effortlessly add Horror Film inspired color grades to any media. Using a LUT, Lookup Table, that contains a mathematical formula for modifying an image users can change every pixel’s color to the corresponding color indicated by the table. FCPX LUT Horror Volume 2 pack comes with 60 terrifying & sinister CUBE LUT files which can be quickly added and modified to the user’s liking.

FCPX LUT Final Cut Pro X Plugins includes everything from blood-soaked red tints, to chilling grey-tones. Using an LUTs innovative mathematical formula users can manipulate each pixel’s color orientation. LUT’s can change each color range differently, giving the user more creative control.

FCPX LUT Horror Volume 2 is a simple drag & drop preset effect that contains all 60 color grades, making the process for any skill level editor as simplistic as possible. FCPX users can also apply color tints, Vignettes, Overlays and more to completely change the look and feel of a shot by adding effects, enhancing the terror of each individual media clip.