Islam Principles The Globe

March 22, 2018 by Huynh Skriver

Whilst a lot of in the west fear the apparent rise of the Muslims and, consequently, Islam, they do not realise that their very own religions are also Islamic. This is recognized because of my reincarnation and expertise that heaven and hell are non-existent. With a robust hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, it commissioned me to tear down the wall of confusion and blindness. Individuals with ears to listen to and eyes to see will reward from this information.

The root of Islam is Babylon and the sunshine-god, Mary. The identify indicates ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and it was revealed to me in a vision where the dispersed light kinds into colored rings of perpetual movement when passed by way of an object. It is noticed in the prism and when water drops or shiny surfaces lead to the very same influence. ‘ and ‘marry’ are the identical and gentlemen regarded as they could mate with the solar by dying on crosses at dawn (previously called ‘noon’). This was the religion of the Amor who constructed Roma (reverse Amor) and took their faith into all of the identified planet. One of them was Constantine who proven the Catholic Church primarily based on its concepts in 325.

He was adopted by Jerome, the physician of the church, who compiled and wrote the New Testament which he published in the latter element of the 4th century. The Vatican, which the emperor constructed, purchased Augustine Bea, bishop of Hippo, to commence yet another department of the religion to credit history it. This he did via a man named Mohamed, a companion to one particular of his parishioners.

The corruption, lies, forgeries, plagiarism, violence, and other things that followed the institution of Constantine’s faith are all confirmed in historical past textbooks, Vatican data, diaries, letters, and edicts. The emperor purchased the dying of anyone who would not take his faith and the church ongoing to do the same correct up until the twentieth Century.